Our Home

Welcome to our place! This is a classic Victorian style home that was built at the turn of the century. We tried to find out when the exact year was, but the city records were not exactly helpful, in fact, they didn’t exist. We were able to derive that when the city fire map was made, this house (and the one next door) were not on it. That map was put together in 1903.

This place has seen so many world events throughout it’s lifetime. The world wars, the depression, moon landings and many many sporting events. It has also been a home for many families of all sizes and ages. It has seen a life as a single home, a rental home, a divided home, a studio, and frat house and now a home for a young married couple (us). It has now also undergone a few years of renovation to try to bring it into a second wind of glory.

We bought the home at the end of 2007 and have documented the journey that started about a year after that. We went through the renovation room by room, documenting the look of the before and after as we go. Please go through our website to find out more and join in the journey.