Diyhandles.com, America’s leading online guide that offers the ultimate in DIY advice to builders large and small across the country. Our traditional and contemporary advice will assist in providing the finishing touch to all buildings from period homes to the most minimal contemporary designer homes.

We prise ourselves on providing deep insights into the know how you will only find through knowing industry professionals or hiring a full time contractor for the job. In fact, we will do our very best to save you that money so you can spend it on that next weekend getaway with the loved ones.

The name “DIY Handles” came from my partner who nicknamed me the “DIY Handler” as I would handle all the fixes and patch ups our ageing place needed.  We purchased this place in late 2003 and this was around 3 months after we had just gotten married. The problem was that we still had our easy going attitudes to owning a home in our minds. This lead to years of maintenance and repairs as well as much of our savings and patience. We don’t want you to make the same mistake as us, hence why we are now sharing these DIY tips with you.

The great news is that after all that DIY work, we learnt so much and became so addicted to the challenges involved that we decided to undertake a second project. This started last fall and has been on going ever since. However, this time around we are saving so much more money and time because of the experiences we learnt from the first project.

The tales and tribulations will all be documented in details through the website, so please follow along at home as well as feel free to contribute back in the comments sections below the articles. We would love to hear your advice on what can be improved and how you undertook the challenges around the home.