Tips for Ink Stain Removal

Ink stain removal should not be a difficult task. A lot of people end up putting their stained clothes in the trash. With a little help of tips and guidelines in ink stain removal, you will have that dress as good as new. Today I want to focus on ink removal from mattresses, especially extra firm mattresses. This is because last night my pen broke while I was drawing out a plan of our new backyard feature. The ink went everywhere and it was panic stations to try and get it out.

There are a lot of products available, commercial or natural products you can see at home, that can you can use in ink stain removal. Some might work and some might not, but at least you have decreased the severity of the stain.

The Type of Ink

First thing to do in dealing with ink stains is determine what type of ink and what type of material was stained. When these are accomplished, that\’s the time you decide what products and what tools to use in removing ink stains. This will also prevent serious damage on the fabric while in the process of removing the stain.

Justine Small says that the key in ink stain removal is to treat the stain while it is still wet. In this stage, even water is enough to remove the stain. It would be more difficult to deal with stains when it is dry. It could lead to more damage to treat dried ink stain.

Strategies For Removal

Most people suggest using hairspray in ink stain removal. You have to spray some hairspray as soon as possible; else, the hairspray will not work.

Another popular tip is using rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol. Apply alcohol on the stain until the stain fades. Wash the fabric on warm water, considering the tolerance of the fabric on warm water.

Acetone is also used in ink stain removal, though this is done when everything else did not work for you. You must check and see the effect of acetone on the fabric first, by trying to dab acetone in a hidden part of the fabric. Also, make sure that you put a white cloth or towel underneath the stained fabric. Apply the acetone onto the stain until it is gone, and then wash the fabric with warm water.

There are other commercial stain removers available in the market. Just make sure to follow washing instructions, especially for delicate fabrics. Most of the stain removers are too strong for the fabric, causing more damage to the fabric.

These are just some of the many tips and guidelines on ink stain removal. You can also ask more tips from your local dry-cleaner or laundry. You can search the web for the list of products you can use for a certain type of ink stain and certain type of material that is stained.

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